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KIDS / Aug ‘2017

6 Ways to Teach Kids to Call 000

KIDS / AUG ‘2017

6 Ways to Teach Kids to Call 000

It’s a frequent segment you hear in the news. Someone’s child comes face to face with an emergency and are fortunately quick enough to call 000. Getting in touch with emergency services can literally be a life or death situation, and it is important that children know what to do when they are confronted with a crisis.

Words Priya Clark

1.      It’s important kids know how to determine the difference between a minor accident and one that is life threatening. This will also help them when they are explaining the situation over the phone.

2.      Make sure your kids know your address off by heart, or at least make a note of it on the fridge where they can easily access it. You can quiz them every now and then to be sure of their confidence in reciting your address.

3.      Writing down 000 and placing it by the house phone or on the fridge will help them if they’re in a distressing situation.

4.      With your phone unhooked, practice calling 000. This will not only help them remember what number to call, but you can take them step by step through the procedures that come with dialing 000.

5.      When it comes to mobile phones, touch screens may make things a bit trickier. Teach your kids how to access the emergency shortcut.

6.      It is also important to teach them about making prank calls to emergency services. Let your kids know that calling 000 is reserved for emergencies only, and that calling them as a joke is heavily frowned upon.