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REVIEW / APR ‘2016

play pouch – a place to play, then simply pack away!

Meet Kate and Kate – Aussie mums with two busy households, six lively kids and hundreds of wandering toys between them.


It got to a stage where Lego was being hidden away in the households of Kate and Kate. Ever-growing collections were getting too overwhelming to tidy up and they knew something had to be done. We all know that creative play is vital to the development of children and Lego offers creative expression AND blessed silence! Kate and Kate decided to replicate the old sheet-and-string storage system of yesteryear and so began the journey of Play Pouch by Pouch Australia!

After prototypes galore, the Play Pouch was born. Never again would parents try to hide the Lego OR use a plastic tub for storage. Clean up has become achievable for children and parents delight in the containment of wandering bricks and blocks. It was immediately obvious that Play Pouch was more than just a Lego bag – it is ideal for Lego, Duplo, dress ups, dolls, trains and tracks. It is wonderful for new parents and babies as a play mat and carry bag AND it is perfect for use as a beach bag and mat! Play Pouch and Mini Pouch are versatile, durable and a must-have for every busy family