And his name has a special meaning to her…

We are delighted to congratulate our cover star, Lucy Durack, 36, and her husband, Australian entertainer, Chris Horsey, 47, on the arrival of baby Theodore Lindsay Durack Horsey, born last month weighing 3.78kg.

Four year old big sister Polly is super proud of the latest addition, nicknamed Little Ted.

Speaking to New Idea Magazine, Lucy says,

“We’re just in this little bubble now where it’s all about Theodore – changing him, feeding him and cuddling him. I just want to relish this time.”

When asked about his middle name, Lucy revealed Lindsay is actually her grandad’s name.

Lucy won’t have long to adjust to life as a mum of two — she is due to start rehearsals for Shrek: The Musical  this month! You can read more about the wonderful Lucy Durack in our latest cover story.



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