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Organised Chaos Entrepreneur’s Organisation and Storage Tips For Busy Mums


To help other Aussie mums tackle their daily priorities with organised ease and help keep their sanity in check, Jordana has unveiled her top expert organisation tips that she uses in both her professional and personal routines.


When it comes to organisation, business entrepreneur and mum-of-two Jordana Thirlwall is an expert.

Not only because she manages an international storage company Supercheap Storage (handy when it comes to organisation!) with her husband Edward while raising their two small children. She runs her own other “side business” and the family is also undergoing an extensive house renovation meaning Jordana’s daily schedule can be somewhat chaotic.

Don’t just use one calendar, use three!
It may seem obvious, but a well-planned calendar can help save time, stress, anxiety and confusion. Jordana has three separate calendars, one for her family, one for her businesses and one that combines both schedules. This helps Jordana track and manage her priorities, whilst ensuring no tasks conflict with each other.

Keep sheet sets together using pillow cases
Need a set of fresh sheets? Pack doona covers and bed sheets inside their matching pillowcases. This way, you’ll save time rummaging around in the linen closet and you’ll create extra storage space.

Become friends with your freezer
Because Jordana has two small children, mealtime can often turn in to a battle. When it comes to preparing food for her children, Jordana allocates one hour every Sunday, where she freezes and prepares meal portions in ice cube trays. Once she’s ready to prepare the meals, she’ll simply defrost the food on the stove and serve for dinner. This saves not only time, but she’s also making sure her kids are getting the ‘right’ food.

Spread out cleaning supplies
Due to her schedule, it’s often challenging for Jordana to spend 3 + hours cleaning every week. Instead, she spreads out her cleaning supplies (and often busy double) around the house, of course making sure little fingers can’t reach them. That way, she can clean as she goes and when mess occurs, rather than waiting for one chance to do it on the weekend.

Re-think the way you view storage
Jordana is a firm believer that storage doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, many of her storage techniques are extremely cost effective. For example, she separates cords using empty toilet papers rolls, zip lock bags for hair ties, bobby pins, etc. and shoe racks for cleaning and bathroom products. These simple and effective storage ideas means she’s keeping everything she needs in the one place, without breaking the bank.

Above all, Jordana says her biggest organisation tip is to take time out. It may sound crazy, but by taking time out to herself every once in a while, when it comes to managing hectic schedules, she can tackle them with ease and a clear head.


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