A stimulated toddler is a happy toddler, but that’s not always so easy to achieve. Here are some tips on how to keep your toddler busy, inspired, and happy.



1. Read to them. Not only will they get an early start on literacy skills, but if you do this at night, your voice will calm them down and help them sleep.

2. Sing to them or with them as a way to introduce them to remembering words and the idea of timing.

3. Introduce them to the alphabet. Not only will this help them when they begin school, but this is another way for their memory skills to develop.

4. Encourage them to count, and this can easily done in the home. They can count the knives and forks you’re using for dinner that night, or they can just use their fingers and toes.

5. Let them be imaginative. Kids are usually full of creativity, so let them have some time to play and pretend.

6. Give them tools to build and be creative. Markers and crayons can make the experience even more fun and get them used to gripping writing instruments early on.

7. Get them outside. You don’t have to take them far as the backyard or the local park will do fine. Here you can introduce them to not only plants, but everyday aspects we don’t normally pay too much attention to, like the weather.

8. An easy scavenger hunt in the backyard or even in the home can encourage their sense of discovery and adventure. You could ask them to find one yellow flower, one blue flower, and a rock, or easily accessible items in the home.

9. Blocks and puzzles are a great way to encourage hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, and building and creating.

10. Simon Says is a free and easy game that will surely keep your toddler stimulated and entertained. This will not only help with their memory, but encourage them to listen attentively when you are speaking.


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