Forget chocolate or lamington drives or hosting a sausage sizzle, milk flavouring straw brand, Sipahh – an Aussie invention – has come up with a low-sugar, high-profit way for your school or club to fundraise through the sale of its popular straws.

Each straw has less than 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar and turns plain milk into a low-sugar drink when sipped. And, it can all be organised online in just a few minutes.

Sipahh Fundraising Ventures has two easy options – a Fundraising Crate for drives and a Milk Bar with straws for events.

Fundraising Crates for drives
Each child receives a Sipahh Crate to sell. They simply sell 24 four-packs for $2 per pack to make a profit of $22 per crate. Compare this to selling chocolate where you need to sell 50 chocolates to make a profit of $20 per box. Suddenly, that plan to air-condition a classroom, build an edible garden or update sports equipment becomes achievable!
Even for young children, selling a four-pack is easy. And if your family has to buy any unsold packs, it’s healthier than chocolate to keep at home. Any surplus can be sold through tuckshops, canteens or kiosks.

What’s in a Fundraising Crate?
The Fundraising Crate contains 24 packs of Sipahh’s most popular flavours – Cocoa Bean Chocolate, Luscious Strawberry, Okey-Dokey Cookies and Cream and Chilled Out Choc Mint.

Milk Bar for events
Sipahh’s vintage-style, pop-up Milk Bar is perfect for fetes, carnivals, markets and special days.
It’s easy to assemble, the right height for kids to serve from and it’s easy to take down, store and reuse. Each Flavour Crate contains six 10-packs. Sipahh also has old-fashioned milk pails to display straws in. There’s the option to choose pre-selected Flavour Crates or mix and match your own – easy!

Tips for a fundraising drive
– Register online for an information pack and sample for your next committee meeting.
– Use a Milk Bar as collection point to create excitement around a drive.
– Buy crates for $26, sell packs for $2, make a profit of $22 per crate.
– Start with a drive, finish with an event to celebrate the results and sell surplus.
– Reward top sellers.

Sipahh’s vintage-style, pop-up Milk Bar is perfect for fetes, carnivals, markets and special days.

Tips for a Milk Bar event
– Ask your local supermarket or milk supplier to supply free milk.
– Set up a Milk Bar for a week and make each day a themed flavour day.
– Serve at least 120 people. Sell a cup of fresh milk and a straw for $2-$2.50.

How to order Fundraising Crates
– Order online.
– Set up an account and follow the steps to order.
– Fundraising Crates are $26.
– Delivery is free – minimum order 32 Fundraising Crates.

How to order Milk Bars and Flavour Crates
– Order online.
– RRP for a Milk Bar is $65.
– Order five Flavour Crates and a Milk Bar to receive the Milk Bar for $35.
– Flavour Crates are $23.95.
– Delivery is extra.

Visit Sipahh’s online store

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