A confident child can grow up to be a successful adult. A child with confidence will find it easier to make friends, join clubs and activities, and transition from primary to high school. A strong self-esteem built from childhood can aid children in completing goals as they get older.

1. Failing a task isn’t the end of the world, and can actually help your children in the long run. This is normal, and your children struggling with a problem gives you a chance to show them how to address them properly.

2. Remind your children that they don’t have to look like their favourite characters from television or movies. You want your children to accept themselves the way they are.

3. Don’t always do everything for them. Let them pack their own bag for school or help in creating meals. Your child will realise that you have faith in them to make some decisions, however small they may be.

4. Encourage their imagination. While literacy and numeracy skills are very much important, creative kids need their needs met too. Dancing and acting will also build confidence to be in front of a crowd.

5. Reminding your children that you are in fact listening to their concerns will reinforce their self-worth. Listening to them about their school activities or chats with their friends will show you have an interest in them.

6. Try not to compare them to others. Children already compare themselves to their peers and don’t need their parents doing the same.

7. Be proud of their achievements. Letting them know you’re proud of their work in school or sports clubs will reinforce the idea of their own value.

8. Children often follow the habits of their parents, so try to display your own self confidence. If you make a mistake, don’t put yourself down, especially in front of your kids.

9. Bring up past achievements.  Reminding them of their past successes will give them a confidence boost, especially if they’re feeling down.

10. Acceptance. It’s important to simply accept your child the way they are. There are of course improvements you can make over time, but remember to recognise your child and their uniqueness.


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