Useful gifts

A baby is likely to be more interested in the paper a gift is wrapped in more than the gift itself, so it is a great excise to think ‘practical’ when it comes to baby gifts. A box of nappies and wipes will always be useful. In addition, buying everyday things that the baby will use daily as he or she grows are great ideas – think bibs, disposable change mats, nappy creams, or spoons, plastic bowls, plates and cups for when baby starts solids.

Personalised gifts

Every parent will love a personalised gift for their baby – and there are so many options available for ordering online, from canvas and name puzzles to stamped jewellery. If you are looking for an affordable option (and you have some time and crafty skills up your sleeve), why not make a scrapbook of photos of the baby and his or her family.

Play time

Play gyms and bright and colourful mats are great for making ‘tummy time’ fun! Other great play option gifts include a baby swing, clam shell and balls for a ball pit and sand pits.


If you want to purchase something a bit bigger, a beautiful reading chair or bean bag (for when baby can sit up), a toy box, art and craft table, child-sized table and chairs will all be things that will be used often as a child grows. 

Toddler toys

Don’t be scared to look at the toddler gift ideas for a baby. Babies grow so fast, so if you are struggling with ideas, buying something now that they can use in the months and years to come (just ensure you tell the parents it is something to put away for when they are ready)

Stocking fillers: Wash cloths, a hat, socks, sippy cups, teething rusks, teething toys, food pouches, bubble blowers.


Brooke has written for home improvement, bridal and women’s lifestyle publications, but says Offspring enables her to combine writing with her new favourite hobby, being a mum to her boys Caleb and Jonah.

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