We hear from five Celebrity parents on being single, dating and raising their kids.

Many of our favourite celebrities are single parents and dating. From Jennifer Lopez who juggles time in between raising her twins while being an American Idol judge to Britney Spears, who is busy spending time in Los Angeles with her two boys and in Las Vegas performing her show Britney: Piece of Me, let’s take a look at the following five celebrities who are divorced and raising their kids.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez (pictured above) currently is a judge on American Idol and occasionally brings her 6-year-old twins Max and Emme to the set. She announced her split from husband Marc Anthony in July 2011 and has since been dating 26-year-old Casper Smart.

On her relationship with Casper, she says “For me, it’s about having a great partner to walk this life with. I have my own high standards for what I want in a partner and how I want to be treated. I bring a lot to the table. I’m not talking about material things but what I have to offer as a person – love and loyalty and all the things that make a good relationship. It’s funny, early on with Beau (Casper), I remember telling him how I have a real button on being ignored. And he was like, ‘Listen, if somebody ignores you, then forget them. They don’t deserve to have your attention’. But it’s funny. Sometimes when we don’t get it, we try to get it in a negative way, you know?”

Jennifer will also be playing a single mum in the series Shades of Blue. She will play Harlee McCord, “a single mother and detective who is recruited to work undercover for the FBI’s anti-corruption task force”.

“If your child hasn’t seen you all day you have to understand they need you – you’re all they’ve got!” – Heidi

Heidi Klum

America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum is a mum of four, to daughters Leni, 10, and Lou, 4, and sons Henry, 8, and Johan, 7, with former husband, singer Seal. She is currently dating NYC art dealer Vito Schnabel, who has also been linked to Demi Moore and Liv Tyler. Heidi Klum shares with Celebrity Baby Scoop what she loves about being a mum.

“There are so many amazing things. I would say the love that you feel with a child. For me, having a family is life and I understood once I had children how amazing it is, and that nothing else is really important but them,” she says.

After the split, she said, “I’m a lioness. I have four cubs. I’m a mum. I want to take care of my kids and protect them says. I don’t want to talk about them, or him, or me.”

She also has some advice for other mums: “Before you have kids you have to really know your whole world is about to completely change. You are responsible for them and you need to be really clear on that. Try to see it from the kid’s side; you have to understand them. If you’ve got 20 emails to get through the emails can wait. If your child hasn’t seen you all day you have to understand they need you – you’re all they’ve got!”.

Heidi and her 4 kids are often seen out and about. When asked about some of her favourite family activities, she commented, “We love to go to the park or take a bike ride along the beach. We definitely like to spend time outside which we get to do often in Los Angeles because the weather is always beautiful. During the summer, we barbecue a lot at home. We have friends over and jump into our beautiful pool.”

Britney Spears

Britney Spears – who has Sean Preston, 8, and Jayden James, 7, with ex-husband Kevin Federline – is still going strong with 28-year-old David Lucado.

During her interview with Ellen DeGeneres she explained how she met the Virginia-based lawyer. She said, “I met him at a party. My friends brought me up to him to introduce me to him.”

Britney is busy spending time in Los Angeles with her boys and in Las Vegas performing for her show Britney: Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Fortunately she grew up being close to her mum Lynn, who she says has given her inspiration. “My mum is a wonderful woman. She’s always been an inspiration to me, but having kids helped me make even more sense of my relationship with her. My sons [Sean] Preston and Jayden are eight and seven now – and not only do I find myself doing some of the things my mum used to do, I also understand why she did them.”

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes blindsided Tom Cruise with divorce papers in June 2012. She now lives in a $12,500-a-month apartment in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood with her daughter, 8-year-old Suri Cruise.

Katie loves living in the city. She says, “New York has been very good to both of us. I love the theatre, the galleries in my neighborhood. Stuff like that is so much of what makes me love this city. I love talking to my neighbours in the elevator. I like feeling a part of something big. I love the community in New York. I love New Yorkers. I ran into someone on the street the other day that I went to high school with. I love the moments of spontaneity every day.”

Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe divorced Reese Witherspoon in 2006 after seven years of marriage. They have two children together Ava, 14, and Deacon, 10. He also has a 2 1/2-year-old daughter Kailani with ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp.

He has been dating 22-year-old law student Paulina Slagter since 2011. Career wise he’s currently working on the new series Secrets and Lies.

“If I had the education and what they have offered to them as kids, I may have gone a different way.”

Ryan says he and Reese don’t want their children to become spoiled. “That’s been a core element of our parenting, both Reese and I with the kids, keeping them aware. Neither of us grew up particularly privileged. Our kids are now, so it’s important to keep them mindful and I’ve got to say we’ve done that job.”

He also says he wouldn’t encourage their kids to become actors. “I think there’s good and bad people in each and every occupation. If they’re tough enough to handle all that would go along with it, then you know…And I’ve often said and I don’t mean to dismiss or demean our industry, but I’d like to see them do something a little more meaningful or important. If I had the education and what they have offered to them as kids, I may have gone a different way.”


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