Western Australian mother uses makeup artistry to paint her own story of self discovery.

Pia Donaldson is a truly inspiring woman who has independently cultivated a thriving beauty career whilst raising her two daughters. Join Offspring as we discuss her life-changing journey from stay at-home-mum to qualified business woman. 

Pia was captivated by the wondrous world of beauty as a child. Her entire adolescence was spent surrounded by cosmetics due to her mother’s job as a beauty consultant for ‘Nutrimetics’. She recalls “devouring” her mother’s makeup kit, applying blue eyeshadow all over her dolls. 

As a flourishing young woman, Pia completed a double degree in Marketing and PR. By her early thirties she was at the height of her business career, working as an IT Project Manager.

Pia’s life completely changed when she gave  birth to her first child, Lottie, becoming a full-time stay-at-home mother in 2016. Along with the joys of raising a child came a new set of struggles. She developed an auto-immune disease which attacks her thyroid causing inflammation and chronic fatigue. Amongst the sleepless nights and ceaseless nappy changes, Pia had “lost her way”, similarly to the experience of many other young mothers. 

Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Pia began to pursue her true passion of beauty. She enrolled in a tertiary course and achieved a Certificate III in Makeup Artistry. With the help of her supportive husband, Ryan, she was able to attend night classes. Whilst still fulfilling her day-time motherhood duties, Pia finally felt a sense of complete fulfilment.

“I love my children, but I also know that I needed something for myself, in order to be a good mother to them. It was my creative outlet.”

Through the utilisation of Pia’s Instagram page, @painted_bypia, she launched her beauty career as a freelance makeup artist. By partaking in countless masterclasses and unpaid collaborations, she was able to gain invaluable experience whilst meeting veterans in the industry.

“Whenever an opportunity presented itself – even if I felt I didn’t have the expertise or confidence to see it through, I always said yes!”

With a now fully developed beauty business and ever-growing client base, Pia spends her days juggling appointments and being a loving parent. She reveals, “It’s definitely hectic, but it’s all worth it. Motherhood has honestly changed me in every way possible. I would not have found myself on this career path, doing something I love, if it wasn’t for becoming their mum.”

As a self-made business woman who has independently built her own confidence, Pia speaks out to all mothers who are struggling to find their identity.

“The key is to not put too much pressure on yourself and begin with small steps. Parenting is really hard, especially in the early years. So be gentle with yourself and if you’re really passionate about something, the rest will follow. You will feel like yourself again.”

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