It’s important to teach your children the importance of being alert and knowing the dangers that can come with interacting with strangers. While you can’t be by your child’s side the entire the day, there are safety precautions you can take that can help ease your mind.

1. Remind your children that it’s not just strange men they should be wary of. Women can be just as dangerous, and it’s important to teach children to be cautious of all people they don’t know well.

2. Create a code word for your child that’s easy to remember. If a stranger asks them to come along with them, tell your child to ask the stranger for the code word.

3. Mobile phones can be the cause of distractions, but having you child carry one with them can benefit them in emergency situations. Child friendly phones are readily available.

4. Make sure they know that there are safe “strangers” they can trust. If you’re worried one day you’ll be late to pick them up from school, tell them if they can wait with a friend’s parents you trust until you can make it.

5. Do little quizzes every now and then to keep them up to date with their stranger danger knowledge. You can ask them questions like “Will a stranger be nice to you?” or “Is a stranger a woman?” to see if they know who to avoid and what to do.


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