along came a different


Here are Offspring Magazines top picks this winter for both kids and adults.

Along came a different    Ages 0-5     Author and Illustrator: Tom Mclaughlin

The Reds sure do love their hats and their music, but this is a problem for the Yellows, who consider the Red’s music to be far too loud. Don’t forget about the Blues, wearing their fancy bowties and playing their blue guitars, further dividing the groups up. All three colours strongly dislike each other, until one day a new colour turns up and wants to be friends with the Reds, Yellows and Blues! Young readers will learn that everybody can be friends, even if there are people out there who are different.

Lets Go ABC!    Ages 2-4    Author: Rhonda Gowler Greene    Illustrator: Daniel Kirk

A unique and exciting way for children to learn the alphabet, all the way from A to Z! Every letter in this wonderful picture book has an association with a vehicle of some sort. Kids will not only learn the alphabet but also be taken on a thrilling journey with the wonderful illustrations, making it an even more enjoyable experience to learn.

Being a Princess is very Hard Work  Ages 3-5   Author: Sarah Kilbride   Illustrator: Ada Grey

It’s not an easy thing being a princess. There are far too many thrones you have to sit on, too many hands to shake, and worst of all, too many frogs to kiss! From the bestselling author of Princess Evie’s Ponies comes a story for young woman about the struggles a princess must endure.

Migration Incredible Animal Journeys     Ages 7-9   Author: Mike Unwin   Illustrator Jenni Desmond

This book contains 20 stunning animals, with vivid illustrations and exciting facts about these creatures, including the great white shark, African elephants, and the emperor penguin, just to name a few. Not only will you get to view and learn about these fascinating animals but you will be joining them on their migration journey.

David Walliams Book of Stuff   Ages 8+  Author: David Walliams  Illustrator: Tony Ross & Sir Quentin Blake

A Hilarious book for David Walliams fans, old or new.  Inside you will find quizzes, facts, and all sorts of wacky knowledge about the characters in David’s books, providing hours of entertainment for all readers. Not to mention it’s also a wonderful companion alongside any of David Walliams’ novels.

The Doctor’s Diet   Ages -Adult    Author: Alessandro Demaio

Doctor Alessandro Demaio, star of ABC’s Ask The Doctor provides not only 120 healthy recipes in this book but some fantastic advice and tips on how to stay in shape. Alessandro explains why the best diet is a simple one that is based on unprocessed ingredients, and just as importantly, should always taste great.