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KU teachers are specially trained to see what your child sees in the moment to take their learning further. 

There are many factors parents need to consider when choosing a preschool or childcare centre for their child, as not all early childhood services provide the same level of quality of education and care.

Current research suggests about 90% of brain development happens in the first five years of a child’s life. The early childhood service parents choose will have a significant impact on their child’s overall learning and development.

Christine Legg, CEO of KU Children’s Services, a leading provider of preschools, childcare and other early education services in Australia, says there are a number of factors that determine the quality of a service, with a key factor being the quality of educators.

“Early childhood educators led by a university qualified early childhood teacher are essential. Each teacher and educator plays a crucial role in supporting the ongoing learning and development of each child,” says Legg.

An important aspect of early childhood educators’ work is recognising ‘teachable moments’ throughout the day. Teachable moments are unplanned opportunities that teachers and educators can use as opportunities to extend children’s learning. For example, standing in the sun may provide an opportunity to talk about the importance of sun safety or shadows.

“90% of brain development happens in the first five years of a child’s life”

Vandana Vasudevan’s daughter attends KU Chatswood Community Preschool and has been seeking out familiar shapes in everyday items ever since her teachers introduced the idea through teachable moments.

“My daughter saw a pineapple at the supermarket and said ‘Mum, we have to take a picture! My teacher said we can see a pentagon shape’. Now she goes around taking photos of all the different shapes she finds in our house,” says Vasudevan.

“The teachers at KU Chatswood are amazing. I see their commitment and can tell they have inspired my daughter. She loves her teachers.”

Young children learn best by ‘doing’ rather than by ‘being told’. All KU centres have play-based learning programs which provide a wide range of active and meaningful experiences for children.

“Active participation through play is vital for each child’s learning and development and helps build and strengthen brain pathways,” says Legg. “Play has a wide range of intellectual and cognitive benefits, including those relating to memory, language development and regulating behaviour.”

When choosing a preschool or childcare centre, also consider the environment where the children will play and learn. The centre’s environment should be open, inviting and nurturing to support each child’s learning.

Belinda Rahim’s daughter Zakiah attends KU Corrimal East Preschool and the safe, warm and supportive environment at the preschool has allowed her daughter to feel more comfortable and become more confident as she learns.

“KU Corrimal East is the type of centre I had been looking for because it matched with our gentle and respectful attachment style of parenting,” says Rahim.

“KU feels like part of our family. Our daughter loves to tell her teachers exciting things that have been happening in her life, and her stories and experiences are always celebrated, listened to and remembered.”

Ultimately, while the quality of teachers and educators, the educational program and the environment are all central factors to consider when choosing a preschool or childcare centre, sometimes the difference between centres is more instinctive. Visiting a range of centres is recommended before choosing a place where you can see, feel and hear the difference.


Tar, the founder of Phawin Kids Club, was born in Thailand and migrated to Australia in 2004. She has been working as white collar for many years and recently decided to start her own online kids products business right after her son’s turning two.


This business name came from her son’s middle name, meaning the greatest of all.  As a woman who loves fashion, she always gets her hand on trendy products, so as everything for her son. Like any other moms with their first and only child, she tends to spoil him just a little. Instead of dressing up for herself, now all her focus is her son’s style. She’s always looking for something unique for her son and for her friends’ kids in any special occasions.

She found there are very limited options for kids within Australia to choose from. Most of the time, they need to be ordered from overseas with the long wait of the shipping, which generally don’t arrive in time, which makes her think  why can’t we find these kind of backpacks, custom caps, Hugdoll – Seatbelt doll and custom party banner like Phawin Kids Club currently offer. Her son is basically her inspiration for this brand idea and all of the products.

For example, their personalised/custom caps; her just son loves wearing one of the caps and asks for it every time they go out. She even ordered some from overseas to use as a souvenir for his 1st birthday party. So, she was thinking why not add some fun ear pierces to show the kid’s personalities. These ear pieces are handmade in Australia and are custom made for each order.


They have waterproof backpack for active kids, so you don’t need to worry about the rain or the mess it can cause when the kids are outside on a busy day.

They come in various colours and fun styles. Children will definitely love to carry their own bags. Tar’s son loves it so much, he even carries it around the house. They can fit all that’s necessary, whether it’s a for an quick outing or taking your child to daycare.

Hugdoll, seatbelt doll – allows you adjust the seatbelt to your kid’s comfort level and accompany them for the ride.

Soft and cuddly with no fuss! It can even be used for a teenager or an adult with a small frame! Tar’s mother in law is using one herself! Tar’s son can be quite fussy in the car, he needs to be occupied during the drive so the hugdoll is a great product him, and any child who is having trouble sitting still during those long drives. He loves to hold and cuddle it, and even uses it to block the sun through the window. Sometime when he starts screaming in the car, the hugdoll comes in handy, especially when driving alone with him.

A Kids party banner is now available, custom made for any special occasion for those awesome little people.

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Every order is important to Tar, and she makes to sure to take great care. She would be very happy to help with any enquiries or any special requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact her at phawinkc@outlook.com or phone 0433 537 466.

Tar is continuously exploring new ideas to add to the collection at Phawin Kids Club.