Read our exclusive interviews with Lorinska and Maria from Seven’s new hit reality TV show Yummy Mummies.

Melbourne socialites Lorinska Merrington, Jane Scandizzo and Rachel Watts and Adelaide’s Maria Di Geronimo, are all apart of Seven’s new hit reality TV show Yummy Mummies.

Set in both Melbourne and Adelaide, the show follows the girls through their journey into motherhood, which they all approach differently. The Melbourne girls learn the importance of relying on friends when challenged with the new and confronting issues that all first time mothers face, while Maria relies on her husband and family while she welcomes her newborn baby girl into the world.

Despite being set in different locations, the girls are all vocal on all the controversial issues that mothers face, like is it socially acceptable to breastfeed in public? What can I do to lose my baby weight quickly? And occasionally less controversial issues, like where should I host my baby shower?

The girls strengthen their bond and friendships through the mutually life-changing experiences they enter around a relatively similar time-frame, but encounter some obstacles on the way, learning that there’s more than one way of doing things when it comes to family, friends and most importantly, raising children.

Married to former Carlton player Andrew Merrington, Lorinska is not shy from the camera. She has always been a busy woman, juggling a career as a model, traffic presenter on Channel Nine and a teacher specialising in educating autistic children. She has a warm heart and strong morals, as well as strong family values saying that “as long as I have my heater on, and I can come home to a warm house and feed the family, put electricity on and go away for a little weekend, that’s what I’m happy with.”

I sat down with Lorinska at Grey and Bliss Café, in Melbourne’s South-West. Lorinska walked in and immediately turned heads with her bright blonde hair and supermodel looks, possessing a charismatic and confident aura. Her lack of a filter, enthusiastic attitude and strong personality was noted straight away, as she delved straight into her new life and how it has changed since the birth of her beloved ‘Lady P’.

This stylish new mum is all about work, love and family and being a school teacher has taught her how to interact and look after children, which are techniques she plans to adopt into her Penelope’s life.

“There are certain things that are important, and its complete and utter love. And I’m like that with my kids in school, as long as you give them utter love you can conquer anything.”

After experiencing labour during interviews, and with the guidance of her mother, husband and loving family and friends, Lorinska gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and added being a mother into her already busy schedule building a new home, teaching, modelling, traffic presenting and looking after a family.

“That’s a funny thing, being a teacher, you’re always really organised. But that was one thing I didn’t want to plan. I didn’t want to set and expectation for myself and then not deliver.”

Motherhood often opens women up to being subjects of controversy and criticism; as one can probably expect, and being a part of a reality show that follows their individual journeys into motherhood and raising children has only intensified such scrutiny.

But Lorinska has “never felt pressured to do one thing or another, if anything I just wanted to do it my way. I didn’t want to rely on anything but my gut feeling”, which is her new approach to juggling her many careers and Lady P.

Similarly, Adelaide Yummy Mummy Maria Di Geronimo, revolves her life around her newborn Valentina, affected by the criticism she receives on social media is praying and by choosing to focus her energy on her beautiful baby girl.

“I thought I would be teaching Baby some things, but Baby’s taught me things. I always thought I’ve got my family, I’ve got my friends, I’ve got everything I need, but after having Baby, I don’t think I had anything before. I needed her.”

The show alternates between filming Lorinska, Jane and Rachel in Melbourne, and Maria in Adelaide who is often the subject of much criticism, because of her materialistic values and love for all things designer.

Married to full-time barber Carlos Vannini, Maria has now become a stay home mother with a nanny who looks after her new-born.

Maria’s obsession with labels and love for the attention the show has given her is almost immediately noted almost right at the beginning of my interview with her. When asked about how she deals with all of the controversy the show has created, Maria says that “you don’t really know someone unless you walk in their shoes… and I have expensive shoes.”

Being approached to join the show because of her ‘big personality’ Maria says she loves all the controversy and hate that has evolved since its first episode aired on Sunday July 9th. Maria says that through the show she has learnt a lot about life, but simply doesn’t care.

Her demanding attitude and views on controversial issues such as beast-feeding which she publicly claims should never be done in public, makes her a figure that is difficult to relate to by a majority of viewers, most notably mothers.

But although she is not particularly close with the other girls on the television show, Maria respects the other women as mothers.

“We are all strong women, so we all have strong opinions. And we have some heated moments. We’re all hormonal, we’re all tired, we’re all hungry. There are so many factors involved, but the final ground is that we’re all going to be mums. So it’s kind of a connection that we have.”

Maria decided to do the show so that her daughter would be able to re-visit and experience her journey through pregnancy, birth and motherhood and can’t wait to have more children, but she is considering adoption.