A British mother has caused quite the stir, after admitting on national television that she has a favourite child.

The mother of four, Alisha Tierney-March, admits that her third child, Kennedie, is her favourite out of the lot. Alisha’s other children include daughter Addison 9, son Harleigh 7, and Elijah 1.

Alisha claims that her strongest bond is with her daughter Kennedie, age 2, and claims that part of the reason is because she has spent more one on one time with her as infant, compared with her two older children. She states, “the older two are currently at that pre-teen age, and are constantly trying to test her and her husband’s patience, while Kennedie is still young and innocent”.

“Kennedie is just all round nicer to be around.”

The hosts of the talk show ask Alisha if she gives Kennedie preferential treatment. Alisha claims, “They all get loved equally”. One host then mentions that Alisha’s husband believes she does give preferential treatment, and Alisha responds, “He thinks Kennedie gets away with more, but I’m not going to punish a 2-year-old the way I do a 7 or 9-year old”.

Unsurprisingly, Alisha’s comments have caused an uproar, with mums from all over the world saying how disgusted they are with the fact that she went on national television to boast about how she has a favourite child.

Many mothers are also concerned that her favouritism will harm the development of her other children, who Alisha freely admits are aware of the fact that her preferred child is Kennedie.

“They will say, ‘Shes’s your favourite’, and then I will admit to them, I’ll say, ‘Yes, I do like her better’.”

Some mothers have defended Alisha, claiming that mothers do have a favourite child, but most of them simply won’t admit it.

Interestingly enough, a recent study has shown that 23 percent of parents do, in fact, have a favourite child.

The parents who participated in the study gave several explanations as to why they have a favourite son or daughter, the most prominent reason being that they preferred the child who they closely resemble, in terms of behavior and appearance, and the second being that they favoured the child they considered to be the most attractive.