All too often parents’ lives are torn apart following the death of their baby or child. Perth based clairvoyant, Rebecca Millman, knows this too well having sadly endured this experience not once but twice, with consecutive pregnancies ending in late term miscarriages some two decades ago.

Over the years, thankfully, Rebecca has found great comfort and support from the spiritual world by using her innate psychic abilities to communicate with her lost children, enabling her healing and rise from the darkest depths of despair no mother was ever meant to endure.

To this day, Rebecca and her family of three children in the physical world continue to experience and derive comfort from the presence of their unborn family members in amazing and unexpected ways.

“I have lost two children who never made it to full term pregnancy and they have always been around,” smiles Rebecca.

“I see a boy and a girl who look very much like my teenage daughter and this brings me great peace,” reflects Rebecca.

When her children were young, Rebecca explains that she would often hear giggling emanating from their bedroom long after lights were out. Investigation would reveal her soundly sleeping children thus indicating the presence of spirit children.

“My kids would often speak to and play with the spirits of their siblings. They would play with blocks and have tea parties.  I would not interrupt, dissuade or discuss these incidents with them, however they would quite happily report on their playtime together,” Rebecca reflects.

A highly sought and regarded Perth-based clairvoyant touted as “Queen of the Paranormal”, Rebecca says she has the ability to see her own children as well as others who have “crossed over”.

“Children like to grow up with their family unit around them and to interact with them. It doesn’t mean they are here with us all of the time. However, they do like to be recognised on special occasions. My spirit children are always around me on my birthday and at Christmas,” Rebecca says.

Rebecca explains that her children also have clairvoyant abilities having sometimes seen the spirits of loved ones belonging to people she was about to do a reading for just “hanging around” waiting for the opportunity to communicate with them.

Broadcasting their presence in this way, Rebecca explains, will prepare and strengthen the connection of their energies and optimise the session with the living.

Rebecca operates her business, Beyond the Light, from an historical building in Fremantle, with walls that most certainly have their own stories to tell. From here she offers many services including mediumship, readings and séances. Rebecca says that while the many parents who have come there to reach out to their own spirit children each have their own unique journey of loss and grief, they do share one commonality- “the uncertainty of how to best embrace their children after they have passed,” Rebecca explains.

“I see a boy and a girl who look very much like my teenage daughter and this brings me great peace,”

Rebecca suggests that in order to help and ease a spirit child, “acknowledgement is the most important thing, especially on their birthdays. It brings them great joy.”

She likens the spirit of a child to that of their living counterpart. While a spirit child’s energy ages, the spirit itself does not. Children from the other side will however, show themselves as growing older and, as they grow older, their need for the family unit will diminish.  Just like the physical child, they will not visit as often.

Rebecca also likens communicating with a child from the other side as thwart with the same struggles as a parent communicating with their own child- needing to pitch her delivery age-appropriately.

“Sessions with child spirits, while more difficult for me, obviously bring immense comfort to those parents seeking connection with their child on the other side”, she says.

Rebecca recalls the case of a desperate couple who came to see her following the drowning of their daughter in the home pool. Feeling responsible for her death and struggling to cope, their daughter “came through” during a reading with Rebecca to explain that she had not experienced any pain when she died and that she was with her grandparents in the spiritual world. 

To further validate her spiritual existence the girl from the other side accurately described to her parents what they had been doing on the way to the reading that day. Rebecca believes that reuniting people in the physical world with their lost loved ones brings closure, acceptance and healing for many. She presumes that, as in the case of this couple, if they do not return for further readings, they have finally found their long lost peace.

Rebecca’s aim is to heal the souls of those in the physical world by acting as conduit to messages of love from the spiritual world.

On reflection, Rebecca recounts many spiritual experiences she dismissed while growing up including “light encounters” and hearing voices, experiences she only accepted in her early twenties when her quest for truth, meaning and authenticity prevailed.

Some of her first childhood memories were lying in bed watching balls of light come in and out of the walls in her room before she went to sleep.

“I thought the light show I watched every night was totally normal and something that just happened to everyone,” says Rebecca. “I was not afraid- just accepting.”

Originally from Cockatoo in the Victorian Dandenong Ranges, her first vivid clairvoyant experience occurred in the 1980s just before the Ash Wednesday fires. Weeks before the tragedy, an eight-year old Rebecca experienced a vision of her father knocking down trees and placing them on a burning fire, then her strapping father standing with the bush ablaze behind him.

By the time she was 16 Rebecca began to receive visits from the spirit world. After visiting her pneumonia stricken grandfather in hospital, before entering the lift with her mother, a relentless voice urged her to run back to the ward to say her farewells. Her grandfather died that evening. During her sleep, Rebecca was visited by the spirit of her grandmother (from the other side of her family) who explained his passing and assured her that he was ok.

“Sessions with child spirits, while more difficult for me, obviously bring immense comfort to those parents seeking connection with their child on the other side”

“Then an amazing light came from my grandmother. If you imagine your happiest moment ever, then multiply that by 100,000. This would not even come close to the love I felt then”, Rebecca beams.

Rebecca estimates she was immersed in this “light” for 30-60 seconds and remembers being confused as to why she couldn’t see her grandmother’s mouth moving during the experience.

“From that moment on, I no longer feared death. I knew that when I died I would some-day return to that love source,” says Rebecca.

While this experience was remarkable, “it still took me a few years to realise I was a Medium,” she says.

Rebecca accepted an offer to sit in a Development Circle, which she marks as the point she truly recognised and accepted her clairvoyant abilities. Her life purpose was revealing itself.

It was only then when she opened her heart and accepted her natural mediumship, that Rebecca says she found peace and happiness.

Rebecca believes that all children have innate spiritual skills, some more than others, that they lose as they get older. 

“It is all about relaxing into spirituality and accepting the signs, because every time you fight it and wipe it off, a spirit child, who has been slowly developing their confidence and working hard to build your trust to develop a strong communication connection, will be easily discouraged,” explains Rebecca.

Hearing your name being called, footsteps, feathers left at the door, toys setting off and catching movement in your peripheral vision are all signs, according to Rebecca, which should be purposefully acknowledged in order to develop and encourage connections with the spiritual world.

“From that moment on, I no longer feared death. I knew that when I died I would some-day return to that love source”

“At one stage of my life, I actually thought I was going nuts and went to the doctors for a diagnosis. My husband had been working night shift, and in his absence I began experiencing all kinds of strange phenomena including kitchen cabinets opening and closing as well as scratching down the wall behind my bed. I was absolutely petrified,” Rebecca says.

With the doctor explaining to Rebecca,” if you were actually going nuts you wouldn’t be aware of it,” Rebecca immediately attended to fulfilling the demands of the “voices”- burning incense and saying prayers. While she wasn’t religious, Rebecca “did her best” at saying her prayers and just in case, bought herself a Rottweiler for protection!

Rebecca soon came to realise that the frightening phenomena were in fact her friendly spirit guides urging her to cleanse.

Inspired, she then began to practise performing readings on people and, discovering that all of her predictions came true, her confidence in her abilities grew.

“Since that time I have never looked back. Everything just flowed from there. I understood my true calling and that my abilities were a natural gift,-just like being musical. I have never second guessed it since,” Rebecca states.

“My spirit guides always told me that this journey would be a gradual process, and so I have just waited for things to unfold naturally. Serving the spiritual world has happened organically and in its own time” she says.

Rebecca conducts many varied and exciting sessions enabling those in the physical world to communicate with spirits including Ghost Tours, Dinner and Mediumship Demonstrations, Changing Faces Séances, Workshops and Shows. She travels across the country to create opportunities that merge the physical and spiritual worlds in entertaining ways to heal both the living and the dead with messages of love and hope.

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