Passionate about providing the absolute best care for her patients, medical doctor, Priscilla Brockman, disillusioned and frustrated with the limitations of traditional medicine, left her career eight years ago to follow her heart and heal with her hands. 

Some things truly defy belief. Time and time again, Dr Brockman habitually dismissed her unusual experiences that were beyond the realm of her scientific understanding and education, as mere coincidence.

In 2000, feeling particularly heavy-hearted, plagued daily with worries of her patient’s ails in the Psychology Ward at Fremantle Hospital, Priscilla stumbled upon a crystal shop during a lunch hour stroll to clear her head. She later defined this moment as the threshold to her future, altering her path to greater fulfilment, yet she notched it up to chance.

There she stood, holding a crystal. Feeling it resonate in the palm of her hand, awakened to its power, Priscilla grew excited at the possibilities of complementing her treatment with this energy, yet she still needed further proof. 

A friend then invited Priscilla to attend a Reiki workshop. Shortly after this training, Priscilla’s mother was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer requiring urgent surgery. A, then, Reiki novice, Priscilla lovingly treated her mother over ten days until the day of surgery arrived. The baffled surgeon emerged post op, explaining some “discrepancies” between the pre-op colonoscopy report and CT Scan and what he had actually found during surgery.

“The tumour had shrunk considerably. Initially extending beyond three layers of bowel wall and dangerously close to the liver, the tumour had quite significantly shrunk to become a small tumour in the inner lining of her bowel,” Priscilla says.

“We were just so happy and relieved with the outcome, we didn’t tell the surgeon what we had done. Yet, even with such profound results, I was still sceptical!”

Priscilla stumbled upon a crystal shop during a lunch hour stroll to clear her head. She later defined this moment as the threshold to her future.

Not long after, the most validating experience for Priscilla was an impromptu distance healing she performed on a kind stranger’s dog. While walking her puppy in the local park, Priscilla encountered a sullen dog with a bandage on his leg. Priscilla and the stranger exchanged the usual pleasant dialogue all dog owners understand. Priscilla was horrified to learn that the dog’s leg was to be amputated due to the necrotic tissue remaining following a recent operation on a benign tumour.

“Usually I didn’t tell people I performed Reiki for fear of judgement, but I was so horrified about this poor dog’s prospects I asked if I could send some Reiki,” says Priscilla.

With the owner’s blessing, Priscilla sent Reiki to the convalescing canine that night and a few weeks later another coincidental encounter with the kind stranger and his dog was both joyous and remarkable. The dog was completely healed! With his bandage abandoned, Priscilla’s non-human patient was running happily through the park with equal measure of recklessness. He was happily bounding on all fours across the park towards her. The stranger reported that the morning after his chance liaison with Priscilla (and the distant healing) his dog resumed normal function in his leg. A subsequent assessment by the vet confirmed the wonderful news that there was now no need to amputate!

Thus ends a spectacular series of remarkable truths she could no longer ignore.

With surmounting, unequivocal evidence, Priscilla’s confidence in her innate healing abilities began to grow, as too did her quest for knowledge to further her skills which would see her evolve and flourish in this alternate healing approach. Energy healing presented Priscilla with a refreshing limitlessness of possibilities and weightlessness to the worries of traditional medicine. She was relieved and eager to move forward.

Priscilla sent Reiki to the convalescing canine that night …The dog was completely healed! …A subsequent assessment by the vet confirmed the wonderful news that there was now no need to amputate!

She started to experiment and “see what I could really do around the place,” she says, “I started to feel that I could do more with energy work than I could do with medicine. “

Priscilla had always suspected her abilities existed throughout her childhood, yet had never completely accepted or pursued them. She began to vigorously learn all that she could from the very best about crystals and healing, revealing and developing her skills as a gift she now felt could no longer be denied her patients.

So, in 2008, Priscilla took a courageous leap into an unknown future, leaving the medical profession behind to become a Healer. “It was definitely difficult initially because there were many unforeseeable and unexpected obstacles and issues,” says Priscilla. “People automatically have a respect for the medical profession and this certainly doesn’t exist in the case of Reiki. I have learnt to accept this and really believe in myself, develop confidence and be okay if people think it’s crazy!”

Operating her own business from home, Healing Divine, for the last eight years, Priscilla has honed her healing skills, offering patients Reiki as well as crystal therapy. “Reiki that is taught today, and hence the way I was taught, has literally been passed down in a direct line of succession training,” says Priscilla, “In this way, Reiki is preserved and protected by the Reiki Masters, being the only people permitted to teach. I was trained by an Australian lady, Barbara McGregor, who teaches both in Australia and abroad.”

Today, Priscilla particularly delights in treating children, who she describes are the most responsive to the healing powers of Reiki energy, with the most rewarding results. Priscilla describes herself as a spiritually aware child. Growing up on a sheep farm in Muradup (near Katanning) in the South West of Western Australia, she reflects on loving animals, rescuing abandoned lambs, seeing fairies, talking to trees, praying a lot and connecting with nature. It is this very “openness” which all children demonstrate, that Priscilla believes is the reason why they are so responsive to Reiki. “I really love treating children as they are so open and receive energy so beautifully,” she says. “A child will only require one treatment compared with adults, who require three of four sessions to achieve the same healing results…Children see the magic and enjoy the process. I see their guides and receive different messages from them, which the children can then learn to experience too.”

She says that children “see the colours of the energy and feel the warm, tingling sensation, enabling them to identify where energy is shifting in their body. They are so open to that. They all say how much they love it and want to return because it is such a love-filled experience bringing with it an unlimited supply of energy.”

Priscilla fondly recalls a young girl who recently came to her for treatment. According to her concerned parents, she was filled with anger, extremely anxious and displaying extreme behavioural problems such as social withdrawal with inexplicably sudden outbursts of anger.

Priscilla cleared “a lot of negative energy” while the girl slept through her first treatment. The girl awoke happy and relieved, proclaiming, “All of the pain in my heart is gone now.”

The girl’s family reported “a complete turn-around” in their daughter’s behaviour. Returning about six months later, Priscilla again treated the young girl for a “hurting heart” with repeated success. Priscilla explains that “the inability to release stress can take its toll. We need to find a way to release it, not suppress it.”

There are many different techniques, including some displayed by our animal friends, which Priscilla advocates alleviate stress. She offers classes on how people can protect themselves from negative energy.

“You will notice that when a dog is over-excited or frightened they give a shake. This is actually immediately clearing negative energy.” She says, “Literally, ‘shaking it off’ really works! Use your breath and intention as you release and sweep negative energy away to the universe where it can be turned into light and love and not be collected by anyone else.”

Priscilla laughs about her mother’s initial struggles with this technique. “It’s quite hilarious.  She would wave it onto me. I would tell her to send it elsewhere!” Priscilla says.

While Priscilla has realised her ambition to pursue a life of healing outside of the Medical faculty, she continues to expand her knowledge and develop her specialised skills. This learning journey has also been self-serving.  She has discovered new ways to nurture her own emotional and spiritual needs by clearing negative energy and letting things go more easily. Learning how to protect and heal her own heart and health is a gift not only to herself but to the lucky others who she treats every day with her hands.

“Children see the magic and enjoy the process. I see their guides and receive different messages from them, which the children can then learn to experience too.”

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